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Diving Into the Importance of Subject Access Requests and Why these are Such a Big Deal for Companies

By and large, with more privacy regulations coming into force that allow individuals the right to see whatever it is that companies keep about them and even request for updates to these or even for their utter deletion under the General Data Protection Regulation, we see the need to manage data access requests become more of a global challenge to companies and organizations across the board. A state like California for instance has in place the California Consumer Protection Policy Act, which is just like the GDPR and includes the requirements under the DSAR aiming to protect consumers in the state of California which is to come into effect in the month of January of 2020. According to this policy, any company that holds personal data pertaining to a resident of California has to comply, irrespective of where the company may be located physically to the provisions of the Act. Looking at the fact that California is one of the top five global economies and the fact that it has such a huge population, 40 million and an annual GDP running to $ 3 trillion, you get to see the fact that the issue of data subject access requests and the CCPPA are such a big deal for business establishments. In a nutshell your business has a lot to gain doing business with California but should you fail to comply with the CCPPA, then you equally stand to lose big time. Generally, we can rightly put it that this is just as important for your business just as doing your payroll is and the following facts validate this. Read on to learn more on subject access requests and compliance to the policies governing the same.

Actually, when it comes to processing of the data subject access requests, this is one problem or challenge that your business is not going to find a way around and escape from any time in the very near future. And it is looking at such a fact of it being such a ubiquitous problem that we even see the significance of partnering with a data security firm to ensure you meet the stated requirements and guidelines.

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